Welcome to A Wandering Dot Production. 

A Wandering Dot Production is the creation of Nate Easterday. It's inception came about while creating videos, presentations, music lists, and more for each event of the Art Studio 4:10 Annual Children's Charity Art Auction. A Wandering Dot Production is based on an interpretation of the famous quote by the artist Paul Klee, "A line is a dot that went for a walk", mashed with the principle ideas in 1 Peter 4:10, "Each of you should use whatever gifts and talents you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms."


Every person is like a dot. When we do not use our talents, we are like dots all alone and standing still; however, the moment we begin to utilize our talents, interacting with and moving through the world, especially in the service of others, we become dots who went for a walk. A dot moving leaves a trace of where it has been in the form of a line. It doesn't matter if the line is straight, crooked, curly, loops on itself, or even a little dashed and dotted at times. We leave our mark just the same. The world we experience is ultimately the collective lines of all of the dots moving through it, with all their tragedy, pain and sorrow mixed with their color, joy, grace and beauty, making the eternal mosaic of our time together.


It is with this ultimate driving goal to help others add their lines to the world that A Wandering Dot Production was created. Our mission and everything we do is to help you 'Be A Wandering Dot.'


Come join us and 'Be A Wondering Dot.'

Nate, Jen and EB Photo